The Importance of Exercise and Eating Healthy


Yoga exerciseWhenever patients go see their doctors, they always get lectured on the importance of exercising, eating right and maintaining a healthy weight. Furthermore, television shows such as “The Doctors” or “Dr. Oz” gives their audience and viewers tips and suggestions on how to get healthy so that they won’t develop obesity, heart disease or other related diseases/illnesses.

By dieting, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight everyday, not only will people will feel better physically, but they also will feel great emotionally as well. To increase the rate of your weight loss with diet and exercise, you can take advantage of the popular pure garcinia cambogia free trial here. Listed below are just some benefits of exercising, dieting and weight loss.

What is exercise?

Basically, exercise involves any type of bodily activity that helps maintains overall physical fitness or wellness. People exercise because they want to lose weight, build muscles, develop their athletic skills, or simply for pure enjoyment.

Types of exercise

Playing sports
Going to the gym
Swimming/Water exercises

Benefits of exercising

One of the health benefits of exercising is that it can manage stress. If you had a bad day at work, got into a spat with your spouse, then exercising will definitely help. By working out daily, exercising will help reduce both physical and emotional stress.

Exercising can actually boost endorphins, or the happy chemicals so to speak. So when you are working out, you will feel both happy and euphoric as well. If a person is clinically depressed, studies have shown that exercising can ease the symptoms gradually.

Another benefit to exercising is having more self-confidence in yourself. Regardless of one’s age, weight, race, etc., exercising can boost self-esteem and a person’s self-worth.

Enjoying the wonderful outdoors- Instead of being cooped up inside a gym, try going outside for a change. The outdoors will increase self-esteem and happiness as well.

Exercising will eliminate or reduce anxiety- Usually most people would curl up with a good book or take a hot bath to reduce some of their anxiety symptoms. However, it is suggested that some people enjoy working out because they feel pumped up and plus their anxiety will eventually go away in a short period of time.

Surprisingly, exercising can help control addition. According to, the brain releases dopamine, the “reward chemical” in response to any form of pleasure, be that exercise, sex, drugs, alcohol, or food.